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Street Spot Magazine Issue #1

"Street Spot" is a new, high-quality magazine for street photography.

Published by Hamburg based photographer Nils Külper and sold at cost price via Blurb. The magazine can be ordered for about 10 Euro + shipping at the following link

It is all about the passion in photography and the distribution of printed photos, not about making money. Photographers have the unique opportunity to present their work to a global, ambitious audience.

The first issue shows photos from following street photographers:

Iwona Pinkowicz (London) -
Andreas Ott (Bonn) -
Giuseppe Milo (Dublin) -
Street Photography International Collective (London) -
Nils Külper (Hamburg) -

Those who want to be informed about future editions or want to submit their photos for one of the following issues, I recommend to follow "Street Spot" on Twitter or visit the website.

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