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Great places for Street Photography (Straßenfotografie) in Bonn, Germany.

Many people say that the good thing about Bonn is the proximity to Cologne. I agree in some points, e.g. for concerts or clubbing, but not necessarily for street photography, as Bonn offers a great variety of street photography locations as well.

Bonn had been the capital of (Western) Germany for about 40 years, meaning there are a lot of renovated Wilhelminian style houses, great river side boulevards and many museums. All together great spots for street photography. I am talking mainly about

locations that are easily accessible with a pram as well, as I share my little spare time for street photography mostly with my little son.

On the right hand side of Bonn and the River Rhine lays Beuel, connected to the old part of town through Kennedy Bridge. As Beuel and the boulevard along the river faces westwards, you are able to catch great sunsets. This is an outstanding good place for silhouettes especially during winter and spring when the sun is low.

Bonn also offers a great variaty of museums, the best know is probably "Haus der Geschichte" (House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany), which is the only museum in Germany (as far as I know) that is free of charge. Two major museums are connected through a big public square where you can find a lot of modern architecture and lots of shadows as well.

Bonn Central Station is a very old and to be honest not a very attractive place. Even after 40 years of Bonn being the capital of Germany, the municipality didn't manage to renovate the building.

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